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Helping Female Founders Raise the Bar Globally

I’m Ashley Alderson,

A wife, momma, entrepreneur, Boutique Hub Founder, dream builder, cancer survivor, speaker, and champion of small businesses taking over the world.  Tacos, margaritas and chocolate are my jam. No shame.

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Kind words I bribed others to say… Just kidding.

Bootcamp gave me my life back and it not only helped me business wise but personally. Some of the huge wins were I regained control and focus. Ashley held my hand on some decision making and paths to move forward. Even when business gets slow I know exactly what I need to do. Emails were HUGE for me on my first email blast I had a $1000.00 worth of sales in a few hours!

Joli Beebe – Crazy Consuela

I just wanted to thank you. Thank you. Thank you for giving the little people an outlet, for inspiring us and letting us know it’s ok to fail, to get up, rock it and possibly fail again. I don’t want to bore you with detail, but we decided to invest in us, hired a photographer, paid a LOT for our photos but knew it was what we needed. Just ONE on the Hub this week and we did more than any market we have ever been to. We have over 1,000 pieces in production and 90% of that is because you gave us this outlet when we we knew giving up would be so much easier than fighting. So I just want to say thank you. It would have taken a lifetime for us to get the contacts you bring at the click of a finger. And more than that, we LOVE our Hubbies. Just wanted to let you know that what you’ve done has changed our lives.

Mindy Bliss Smith – Southern Bliss Company

I can’t help but be ecstatic that Lola Claire sales are up 557% from this time last year! Woohoo for growth and The Boutique Hub!

Lola Claire Jewelry

Recently, my seven and five year old girls were playing ‘boutique hub’ and giving a list of stores (that I sell to) to each other. It was so cute to listen to how they describe it and event at their young age understand the family that the boutique hub is, and the culture YOU built here. No one can copy this.

LeighAnn Yates – The Texas Clementine

Thanks to you Ashley, I now have three girls working for me, am paying myself, and slaying each month with stupid growth numbers in store. I am still learning to let go and have some crazy goals. I’m no where near touching but now I have people to do the things I shouldn’t be doing!

Stephanie Campbell – Blue Willow Boutique

How Can I Help You Most?

Let’s be real…If I were a 1999 Cosmo quiz….

Dream Job:  Founder of a company that changes peoples lives (check!)

Childhood Imaginary Friend: Kenny Rogers (creepy?)

What I’m listening to now:  From 80’s country to 2pac

Favorite Book: Girl Wash Your Face & You Are a Badass At Making Money (I have two!)

Family Stats: Hubby of 10 years + 3 kiddos under 8

Biggest Win: Beating cancer

Biggest Loss: Losing dad to cancer

Hobbies:  Kids…kids…barrel racing, taming wild kittens, dates with my man

But more than that…

I believe that fear and scarcity are the whispers in your ear that are holding you back, but they disguise themselves as ‘mature and realistic choices’.

I believe that anyone who says ‘we’ve tried that, didn’t work’ should be kicked under the table.

I know that kids and family are the reason I’m here. I work to LIVE, not live to work.  But my work is pretty damn fun.

God is bigger. He is infinite, his world is available to us, and we are called to hear his voice in all that we do.

Women like to give their most precious assets away for free, in order to help others. And it’s hurting them.  Own your worth and step into the life you were called to live.

I know that what we ‘think’ is possible is only just the beginning…